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Words are not my strongest point and as I try to write this testimonial for Arthur Whyte and his team, I wish they were. I met Arthur, knowing that I was looking for him. Who he was going to be, I did not know, but I knew that if I was going to get through the mire that I was in, it was going to need someone of his abilities to help me. Arthur has a way of describing how many of us build a silage pit in our lives....full of all the ‘stuff’ that we do not know how to, or want to, deal with and then we drive a tractor over it so that we can load the next ‘problem’ on top and so as the pit gets bigger so the load we are carrying gets heavier.

My husband had passed away 9 months before my meeting with Arthur and my life had fallen apart. We were extraordinarily close and had spent 25 years together, 24/7. We lived for each other and I now know how privileged I was to have had such a wonderful marriage. The hole was enormous and even though I was trying to be positive and move forward, I knew that it was on the surface and not from within. I can not describe my first few meetings with Arthur as anything but the stirring of the ‘hornets nest’, or as I now know the digging out of that silage pit. My confidence in Arthur did not waiver and he was always there to talk to and help me but after the third session, I started to feel the difference and now, five weekend meetings and two private sessions later [and a holiday], I know that I have left that black swirling fog of the initial year of grief, behind me. It is as if I am standing on a hill now and can look back on 2013 with gratitude and relief as the black fog swirls below me; the future is now much brighter and I am back with a ‘giggle in my box’!

I cannot thank providence enough for bringing Arthur into my life and for all that he and his amazing gifts have done for me and my life. Thank you Arthur, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to Eileen, Arthur’s wife with her wonderful honesty about the tragedy that has befallen their lives and the realisation that brings of how tragedy is part of all of our lives, at some point or another. Thank you also, to Alison with her patience and great skills of efficiency.

Harriet, Co. Kildare

Hi all,

This is my third attempt to write this since last night. I was on a weekend with Arthur, Alison and Eileen in Sutton. Oh My God what can I say, it was emotional, sad, happy, the love that was shared, the energy in the room was electric.

I had a huge break through, it was something that I had been carrying around for over twenty years, something I thought I had dealt with but believe that it is dealt with for good. I feel like I lost 10 stone in weight and 10 years in age. There is a part of me that has been lost for so long and I really feel I have got it back.

I can't thank the people in the room with me, the help they gave me, the encouragement, the energy they shared with me, the love, the support.

Eileen was a rock for me, she was amazing. Alison as usual was fantastic, she is an amazing person, she organises everything and everyone. She might be small in stature but she has the a heart so big, how she carries it around baffles me.

And Arthur, he is some man, as down to earth as they come, with an amazing gift that I have had the privilege of sharing. Thank you everyone that was in that room Lots of love to everyone.

Anne, Co. Meath

God has given us something truly amazing in Arthur Whyte, who on first meeting seems like an ‘ordinary’ man. With unconditional love shining from his eyes, this man will be totally relentless with you in his pursuit of connecting you once again with your spirit - your life force - your purpose on earth.

Do not dream of underestimating the powerful gift of this wonderful Healer. These weekends are a roller coaster and the only guarantee is that you will NEVER be the same again after it - Thank God.

Where do you even start describing the feeling of coming home to yourself?

Arthur is the only person ever to look me in the eye, see the gift that God has given me and strip away all my hurts, doubts, insecurities and fears to make me step into my true self, the part that was missing. It took two healing weekends but of course when I first met Arthur for a private session on the 9th October this year he told me this. He told me where I needed to be and the important thing is I did what he told me to do - I trusted him completely. I put my life in his healing hands.

I didn't realise until writing this that it has really only taken a month - to the exact date that Arthur did what he knew he could do.

Three days now since completing my second weekend I know where I'm going, I embrace my gift, I love my life and every opportunity it has given and will still give.

Already I am helping more people as it seems to have opened the floodgates, and most importantly I am willing, able and confident enough to do that now.
I'm not saying the weekends are easy, they are the furthest thing from it – there is nowhere to hide in that room!

While Arthur is Healing, he is also sharing his experience and teaching those who need to learn more, in his unique unselfish way. These weekends are your ultimate gift of self-love. If you are drawn to Arthur as a Healer, please don't wait any longer. You deserve to be set free as Arthur has done with me.
This man knows no bounds. On the second weekend I struggled with being present and focused as my daughter was ill. Arthur sent her Distant Healing and her physical symptoms not only were cured but he must have sprinkled a little bit of his extra magic and it seems to have given her back the spring in her step. Arthur was right, we are not only healing ourselves, we take the Healing home with us.

Arthur reminds us constantly ‘you are never alone’ and of course we aren't, neither is he. As well as having the heavenly forces with him his ground crew are a pretty amazing team!

Thank you Alison for making our worlds keep spinning smoothly over these weekends; all done with love, humour, compassion and in fabulous high heels! Thank you to Eileen, Arthur's beautiful wife for her support and gentleness and also Gareth (my wee buddy who watches my back!) also Mary who was so brave and followed her Spirit which helped led us to Arthur.

Maria, Co. Down

I had been waiting for a long time to hear Arthur’s name and when it was given to me I knew that our son would be healed and have his life given back to him when he got in touch with Arthur. On our first visit Arthur knew how our son felt and he said he could heal him. His path was different from that of his friends and family – his was a life of helping and healing people because of what he himself had experienced. We saw Arthur a few times over the next 18-19 months and after each visit we could see the changes starting – small but significant to us as parents and we began to see our son’s sense of humour re-emerge. We went to a healing day in December 2012 which was powerful and afterwards there was a lot of clearing of emotional issues for us all which we worked through and saw Arthur only when our son felt it was time to.

In October 2013 Arthur saw our son and mentioned the Healing Weekend on 25 October – he had a really good feeling about it. We trusted Arthur. There were no rooms available in the hotel but the universe provided accommodation and transport and we were able to be there without any worries.

Such an experience for us both! My son slept in the chair – lay on the floor and as the first day progressed, his energy was raised. How could it not be in a room of 50+ good people with everyone’s focus on whoever needed it? We thought it couldn't get better. We were wrong. No one slept well on Friday night but on Saturday the room was buzzing and very powerful healing took place in a different way for each one there. We all got what we needed.

But Sunday! From the start the room crackled and in the afternoon the serious healing and energy had built up. Our son received the most wonderful gift and he was connected to his higher spirit and his energy release started to flood his body and mind. We now have our beautiful son back – he is now ready to move on. He is opened up and receptive to all the good things that God has to offer him.

Arthur then took anyone who wanted further healing to join a group anchored by strong healers and I was given the same gift as my son. I can only thank Arthur and the most wonderful, powerful energy of that roomful of generous, caring people who gave so much love to everyone there. We thank God for the lightness of mind, body and spirit we have been privileged to receive as we continue on our paths through life. All that went before was a preparation for what now lies ahead and each hard time we experienced taught us a lesson we had to learn.

I heard of Arthur at the right time for us. If you read this and ask yourselves if you should contact him – I shout YES YES YES from the core of my being. Miracles will happen to you as well.

Rose, Co. Armagh

Just to say thank you for the most wonderful weekend at the Marine Hotel during the October Bank Holiday Weekend.

It is truly amazing the wonderful healing that took place over the weekend. If you had to hand-pick all those people, it would just not be possible to have so much unconditional love in that room. It certainly shows that God guided all those people to Arthur to work his magic on them.

What I learned from the weekend is that happiness is within everyone's grasp it is just to believe and trust in yourself. When I met Arthur first the words he said to me that are like a mantra to me since is 'You learn from the best, to become the best, to give the best', and Arthur is a teacher and he is the best (which he keeps reminding us of course!!).

This weekend was about learning, and Arthur bringing the very best out of people and making them actually believe it.

I know Arthur there was a good number of people attending the weekend, but the ripple effect of what people brought away with them will have an impact on families and in turn friends and the ripple just gets wider and wider.

It is a wonderful journey that I am on and I'm not going back I'm going forward. Thank you for coming into my path Arthur and for opening up what I saw in myself as a child. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for your patience, your constant reassurance and your gentle but encouraging words to keep me going on this journey.

To Alison what a special lady. Thank you for your wonderful organisational skills, your wonderful smile and for taking care of Arthur. Nothing is too much trouble for you and we all love you. Be careful Arthur she could be head hunted by 'VOGUE' she is just beautiful.

Until we meet again take care of yourselves. Love & Light

Noreen, Co. Cork

I met Arthur at a Holistic Fair in Cork. We had a chat and agreed that it might be good if I attended his Healing Weekend in Dublin in October.

I went along with no expectations, only to see what might come of the experience. I have to say it was much more than I could have wished for, as once I got to the room, even with the number of people there, we felt as if it was a very personal experience.

Arthur is so open, non- judgemental and so much love in his presence. I found that for me it was like being in a hall of mirrors as I learnt so much about myself from every person there, as we all have issues and we all try our best to handle it in our own way, so to see this in so many others is a wonderful eye opening experience.

Arthur works with such openness; he leaves you in no doubt of who is in charge of you, and who is your power. Thank you Arthur, Allison and all who I shared this experience with for 3 days and forever.

Christy, Co. Clare

I would like to thank God, Arthur, Alison and everyone else who was there at the recent healing weekend for a magical time. On day one I felt very emotional. On day two I felt very peaceful and on day three I was overflowing with joy. Thank you, Shonene, Co. Derry

Shonene, Co. Derry

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