Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process that promotes better health. It’s completely non-invasive and fully compliments any other treatment you may be having. The channeling of the healing energies through the healer to the patient brings it about. It re-energises and relaxes the patient so that his/her natural resources are enabled to deal with the illness or injury in the best way possible.

It can be helpful in a wide range of physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions, sometimes to a remarkable degree!

Case histories in which healing seems to have made an important contribution to recovery range from the trivial to the terminal. In addition to its value in relieving pain and restoring function, healing is also notable for initiating improvements in patients’ attitudes, clarity of thought, and their quality of life.

The Healing process

Arthur uses suggestion and guided healing to help the client realize that they have the capacity to heal their body, mind and life. During the very gentle yet effective process, Arthur guides his clients into a state of peaceful relaxation. Once his clients are relaxed all they need to do is simply be and allow the healing to happen. Arthur then acts as a channel for healing energy which is directed through him to his clients.

Healing energy can help break up the mental and physical blocks in the energy field and it also strengthens the energy field so that true healing can take place.

There are Two ways to receive Healing

The first is ‘Specific Healing’ for a particular ailment and the second is “General Healing” which treats the mind, body spirit as a whole. The healing energy which is channeled through Arthur by its very nature knows the course it has go to take in each specific case in order to be more effective. Therefore it is not for Arthur to interfere in the process but rather to assist and facilitate it. Arthur generally works with his hands a short distance from the client’s body or sometimes using a light touch with your consent.

Benefits of Healing

There are many benefits from healing. Sometimes the results have a profound effect upon the client, others experience a great sense of well being, more motivation, increased energy and determination and sense of being relieved of both physical and emotional burdens. Many clients have stated that they experienced a remarkable sense of inner peace both during and after the therapy.

Its not uncommon for people to experience a strong emotional release after receiving healing. Once energy blocks have been released an emotional release is often necessary to relieve the mind of suppressed emotions. If this happens Arthur will simply put a hand of encouragement on your shoulder and give the space and time you need to let it go and release it.

The subsequent feeling of liberation which many people have is very ofter a catalyst for them to approach life in a more positive and successful manner. Many have claimed to feel physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger having participated in the healing.