This is a writing received from Helen in while in Spain with Arthur.  Thank you Helen for allowing this amazing piece to come through you!

My name is Helen and I have a story to tell….

It is the triumph of Love, of Light, of White

Over the dark, evil snares and trappings of loss.

Yes, I have lost and lost and lost.

Yet, I am still standing and waiting

For the spark to combust to light my way home.

I am as though I’ve been thrown to the sea and waves.

I struggle to swim, I splash and trash about.

I struggle and tire…Perhaps I should give in.

And there I spot it, calling me in,

The lighthouse flashes and beckons me in.

I am saved by the knowing of which way I’m going.

Each turn of that light sends my energy higher,

I trust in that light and in all of its might.

I arrive at the shore amidst tears, snots and seaweeds,

I fall to my knees and thank God I’m believing.

That Beacon, that Light was sent to console me,

I was never alone and no one can own me.

I’m alive and I’m well  and I’m so proud I’ve made it

And I know in my heart I will always display it.

Let it light up my life every step of the way,

Show me my path and brighten each day.

Then others can follow and learn from my rays

To flick on their own lights and to Thank God and say:


We’ve a bright new day.

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