From the moment Arthur receives a request for distant healing, the healing begins, whether the request is made by email, phone, photo, text message or letter. You may request healing for yourself, your family or an animal.  Arthur works individually with each separate request.

While it can be hard to understand how the Distant Healing actually works, Arthur allows the energy to flow into the situation or photo, causing the healing to go where it is necessary.

Donations are generally offered, as the person sees fit, for this form of Healing.  Where possible, a photo could be provided for the person the healing is intended for, however, please only send photos that you are not wishing to receive back.

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Skype Sessions



You can continue your healing journey with Arthur through Skype Sessions.  These sessions are very effective and the person can generally feel the healing energy during this time.  You can now tune into Arthur from anywhere in the world!