Good Morning World

This is a writing received from Helen in while in Spain with Arthur.  Thank you Helen for allowing this amazing piece to come through you!

My name is Helen and I have a story to tell….

It is the triumph of Love, of Light, of White

Over the dark, evil snares and trappings of loss.

Yes, I have lost and lost and lost.

Yet, I am still standing and waiting

For the spark to combust to light my way home.

I am as though I’ve been thrown to the sea and waves.

I struggle to swim, I splash and trash about.

I struggle and tire…Perhaps I should give in.

And there I spot it, calling me in,

The lighthouse flashes and beckons me in.

I am saved by the knowing of which way I’m going.

Each turn of that light sends my energy higher,

I trust in that light and in all of its might.

I arrive at the shore amidst tears, snots and seaweeds,

I fall to my knees and thank God I’m believing.

That Beacon, that Light was sent to console me,

I was never alone and no one can own me.

I’m alive and I’m well  and I’m so proud I’ve made it

And I know in my heart I will always display it.

Let it light up my life every step of the way,

Show me my path and brighten each day.

Then others can follow and learn from my rays

To flick on their own lights and to Thank God and say:


We’ve a bright new day.

Inspired Writing

This Automatic Writing was channelled at a recent Healing Day with Arthur. 

Thank you Collette for being the Channel and allowing the message to come through you, it’s a treasure.

‘It starts with that flame inside you. You nurture it and it grows, it clears everything that isn’t it out of the way, let it rise up through you, through every cell in your body and beyond.  It stretches out from you and goes out to everybody around you, to the people, to the plants, to the trees, the mountains, the wind, the lakes, rivers, to the sea and it joins with the energy that makes the world, makes the universe, that emanates from every living thing on this planet and beyond.

Be free to love, to feel the fullness of love and goodness because there is where you lie, surrounded by the love of God, you are that love and I am in you.  When you feel me I am overjoyed.  I always feel you.  I am always with you.  Treasure this and it will treasure you.

Your direction is in your hands, effortless free and flowing.  Pages filled with energy and love that transforms all that read and touch the pages as it is only love that comes from the pages and it melts that hard shell of thought that people hold which separates them from love and life.  The barrier is not real but people think that it is and they stand divided, knowing something that isn’t them and then they get the nudge inside of themselves.  The nudge that tells them something is not right, then they flow towards life and that life comes alive wakes up and the divine spark ignites again, you nurture it, spend time with it, talk to it and it will grow stronger and stronger each day.  Answers are effortless and come easily.  I am here with you now and there is much work to do.  You are the way and I live in you.  I will work through you, so you don’t have to worry about being good enough. You are good enough, everybody is.

Take control of your mind and don’t let it run away with itself because then you forget that I am here. See me, feel me, know me, hear me.  I am in the silence.  I am in the wind and in the light.  I love you and I invite you to love me too.  When you love me, you know me and you know that I will guide you and you will always be surrounded with the perfect people, the perfect place or places to live. You will be guided you don’t have to stress or worry about money as you will be looked after as you are with me now and together we will ride the train of Life.  We will only stop at the beautiful places where the light shines and brightens all around.

You are to work with the light.  Work with people of the light.  Opportunities and destinies will unfold. You know, you just know, you just know.  Love knows and brings the life up in you and everyone around.

A book is flying around the world floating into the hands of people who are open and need it.  To point it back to themselves, to the truth, to reality, to life.  People just pick up this book and the energy and life in the book touch’s them and reaches in and ignites their spirit and they awaken and see the light.  They know themselves and I work through them.  The book reaches all corners of the world and magic rays of light come from it.  People just hear about it, friends give it to friends and family and there is more light and light and life in the world.  The words just come and they may be your words or Arthur’s words but they are really my words and my energy.  You will know what to do and how to do it, so you don’t have to worry.

Effortless, easily, flowing, flowing, flowing.  Bright, brighter, light, lighter, stronger, bigger, better still. Only love knows and only love flows through you.  Your body flows with love and light.  The room is bright, the world is bright and is getting brighter and brighter.  You are getting stronger and stronger. Feel my love, you are looked after.  You will not need to really on food for comfort because you have me and you will tune into me whenever you feel the pull.  I will nurture you.  I will look after you.  Just stay out of thought, stay with the clarity, the light, stay with me and you will know the love that you have always dreamed of.  The light that shines out and moves out like a burst of light moving across the world.  All it takes is to join with me and get to know me.

Pass your worry and concerns onto me, give them away and let them go.  It’s in knowing me that everything becomes clear.  The magic happens when we are together and others see it and join in too.  We all live in this paradise when we join our spirits because only the spirit can bring forth the magical kingdom that earth is meant to be.  Paradise, Eden is your neighbourhood when you join with life and allow it to live in you and express through you.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.  Feel the peace and let go of any resistance.  Your higher self sits beside me and holds your higher vibration so that you can come up to join it.  It only lives in goodness and holds the highest version of you in non-physical, so that you as the runner for life, can bring it into this world.  You carry the baton in the relay of life.  Life passes you the signal, you pick it up and express it and create it and bring it into this reality.  When right action is taken, something new and beautiful is born in the world.  I rejoice, you rejoice and the choir of angel rejoice, we feel this excitement and joy above.  We are one with you and we love you.  We are born to create.  You and everyone in the world was born to create and to love your creations no matter how big or small they are.

Melt away any of your problems.  It could happen in an instance and it doesn’t have to work out the way you think because thoughts can be limited but magic has no limits, no boundaries.  Everything is possible and it could happen in an instance.

Come home to me as that is where you belong.  We can live together in paradise.  Just spend time with me and I will do the work.  You just let me in and don’t limit me.  Everything is possible after all I did walk on water like the birds you saw walking across the lough.  They had wings to help them do it; I will be your wings if you will let me. I will show you the way and you will have trust and knowing like you never experienced before.  You will have certainty.  Walk with me, sleep with me, love with me and grow with me.  I will take care of you.  The weight will melt off your body and it will magically happen.  Drink the coconut juice, the juice of life.  Every disharmony in your body will be at peace. Love your body, as it holds me.  You will be happier and be able to shine even brighter and have even more energy than you had before.  Love can conquer all.  Peace, Love, happiness, joy.  Bask in the light.  Magic lifting off the thoughts, worries that we don’t need, that are not us.

You are only a thought away from life or love.  Stand fear or criticism in the face.  It is not you unless you give it your power.  When you know who you are, you know that you are not that.  You are not bad, you are not afraid.  You have nothing to be afraid of but the story you tell to yourself and to others.  Change the story and watch the fear go.  Stare criticism in the face and know that you are not that and let it go.  You do not need to carry another’s words around.  That does not please you, for that will not make you happy and then you lose contact with me and that definitely doesn’t make you feel good and does not feel natural.  You know your own truth and you are only love and only have love to give.  Anything else is a lie and is not you.  Do not lie to yourself, do not lie to others. Be who you truly are.  Be the love you want to see in the world.  You owe that to yourself.  It is only then will you stand with me and flow the light of light itself.  Shine the way.  You know it.  You are it.  Trust it.  Trust me.  Trust love.  It will not let you down.’

Energy Buzz

Inspired by Healing weekend in Sutton Co. Dublin July 2014.

“Thank you Arthur and Alison”

My Energy is heightened as the group gathers

A meeting of mind, body and Souls

Gelling together to learn and explore

From the Spiritual Connector “Arthur”

From the outer circle to the inner one

To centre stage,

I take the seat and wait…Healing begins

And as the energy around me seeps in

Poured out, captured and embraced

As many eyes focus on me, engaged in a state of grace

And a longing for my gift to be seen and heard

Comes to the fore

As waves of energy caress me

Filling me with joy and ecstasy

This gift is mine to share and pass on

Not to keep hidden or buried

No need to fear or be shy

No cause for stress or worry

It really is that simple

Today I embrace my gift and I shine

Knowing Arthur will show me the way

All I need to do is stay focused

And be me

And instantly the light shines before me

And as I step into my power and become the very best I can be……. what a Blessing