About Arthur_

Arthur Whyte, is a gifted and dedicated healer, whose wisdom tells of a life filled with deep spirituality and a deep passion for helping people. At the age of sixteen, Arthur inherited the gift of the Healing from his grandfather, (Eddie Mc Quillian) the day before he died. While Arthur was attending his grandmother’s wake, his grandfather called him aside to ask him to carry on the healing gift. Eddie intuitively knew himself that he would pass-on the following day.

Eddie was well known within the community as a healer of both people and animals. Neighbours would often drop over for ‘the cure’ for their own numerous ailments or take Eddie to heal their sick livestock. There didn’t seem to be any limitations to Eddie‘s healing ability. The gift of the healing continues now in the hands of Arthur, his grandson.
A number of years elapsed before Arthur became aware that his true life path was for him to use his gift of healing and to fully accept that his purpose was to work as a healer. From that time, Arthur has dedicated his life to working as a healer, initially with family and friends and then with an ever increasing number of clients both nationally and internationally. During the last seven years Arthur has spent considerable time developing his skills as a healer, undertaking courses in Spiritual Healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Clients attend Arthur for numerous reasons, ranging from the physical to the emotional, to general wellbeing. Arthur explains that it’s often the physical condition that brings a person in front of him although it can be an entirely different reason why they are actually there.